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Do you ever feel like life is passing you by? I used to be one of those who struggled to keep up with the everything I had to "do"- then I discovered that there are so many important things in life that were passing me by. The things you really want to cherish and remember are the personalities of your children, the adorable twinkle in your toddlers eye, the independence and confidence of a high school senior, the laughter and joy that rings from your house when your family is together or the joy and excitement of a newly engaged couple. Those moments are why I started to take pictures that are a little out of the ordinary.

What's different about ck photography?

Maybe you've discovered that 10 minutes in a studio won't usually capture your personalities, it will usually create lots of stress and chaos for parents and children. So what's different about ck photography? I am a custom photographer. I want your photos to reflect you, the spunk of your child, the joy of your family and the beauty of your life how it really is. My goal is to work with you in the process to help create and capture an image that reflects just that. Ultimately the beauty of custom photography is about the experience. You have one on one contact with me, the photographer, to help you with what to wear, discovering what your families style is, and picking the best place to have your pictures taken.


Sessions are relaxed and not rushed. Each session is 1-2 hours and at the location of your choice.
The session is about telling your story- capturing real smiles. I will chat with your child, play with your toddler, ask your teenager questions about life. Together we will walk around and create and capture real moments. In the end I hope you will walk away with a great experience and anxious to see your custom gallery of proofs that reflect life's real moments!

Contact me today to book your session. Email me at

I look forward to working with you!



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